Bulk SMS

Bulk-SMS-ServicesICT CONSULTANTS LTD is an all in one SMS solution system. We are specialized in giving reliable, easy to use and affordable messaging solutions for both corporates and individuals all over the world.

We are positioned as world’s premier provider of corporate Bulk SMS and Advertising Solutions. Sign up now for an account and begin enjoying stress free communication from the comfort of your PC using your existing Internet connection

SMS Messaging, is a powerful and economical tool that will give you the edge over your competition, while saving you valuable time and money.

Using SMS to market your products and services has an immediate impact, it is highly personalised and has been proven to generate a solid increase in sales!

You can use Bulk SMS can to:

  • Inform customers of product launches, specials and product-related news
  • Notify debtors about account balances exceeded or overdue
  • Provide information services to customers or subscribers
  • Send scheduled time-critical reminders to your employees/clients
  • Send price changes and stock information to clients or sales staff
  • Inform staff of meetings or schedule appointment reminders

Our online free registration includes 2 free SMS credits which you can use to try out our bulks sms services for free.


Features of bulk sms

Included as part of our SMS sending solution:-

As you would expect we have done our research within the SMS marketing industry and

strive to provide the most cost effective solutions available. Our dedicated support team

is always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have.


Send up to 150,000 SMS messages at a single click! Upload the list of recipients from a single excel (.CSV file) or Excel file.

Assign your company name as sender ID instead of using the default sender id. This takes atleast 7 working days and is a one-off cost.

Using our system, you can customize SMS fields eg recipient name, address or other details. The system has a mail-merge feature which merges the uploaded specified fields with astandard message thus a customized SMS is delivered to the recipient.

You can copy then paste your contacts directly on the system when sending SMS.