Computer Classes software


The Software named the VISUAL ICT LESSONS is designed to provide practical, real-world skills and knowledge in the ever changing world of information & communication technologies. The learning is delivered through computer-based instruction, facilitated by the teacher with a focus on practical project work. This practical approach creates ‘evidence of understanding’ rather than solely ‘evidence of knowledge learnt’. The VISUAL ICT LESSONS software employs the latest advances in digitally delivered learning and child-centred pedagogy.

The key objectives of the ICT training Curriculum are:

1.)enabling students to create, communicate and collaborate with ICT
2.)enabling students to develop ICT foundational knowledge, skills and concepts

3.)enabling students to think critically and creatively with ICT
4.)enabling students to understand the social and personal impact of ICT..
Our ICT Curriculum allows you to:
1. Improve academic performance and  Increase teacher productivity.
2. Reduce operating costs and maintenance.
3. Help students develop analytical and creative ICT skills to apply in the use of appropriate software

Our classroom software solution provides a virtual classroom with graphical illustrations incorporated for interactive learning. The software is ideal for first learners hence appropriate for first hand learning in the ICT field .The software enhances more student participation in class work and personal revision.