Email marketing

HTML Email Templates Choose from 100’s of industry-specific email templates to get started creating your email.
Email Personalization Personalize your email using custom fields such as first name, age or company name.
Built-In Spam Score Helps increase email delivery
Automatic Bounce Handling Bounced emails are processed and removed automatically, meaning your list is always clean.
Email scheduling schedule it to go out at a later more convenient time.
Multiple Autoresponders Based on certain recepients actions that you define e.g. email open or link clicked
Deatiled Reporting¬† Detailed reporting who opened, clicked a link, unsubscribed etc…
and much more… Surveys, Web forms, Triggers, Mini CRM, Contacts segmentation etc…

General Options

Contacts Management Create contacts groups, import/export contacts
Media Management Upload & display/play Images, Videos, Audios