Hospital Management System

Hospitals are essential facilities, it is necessary for the hospitals to keep track of day-to-day activities and records .But keeping track of all the activities and their records on paper is very cumbersome and error prone. It also is very inefficient and a time-consuming process Observing the continuous increase in population and number of people visiting the hospital. Recording and maintaining all these records is highly unreliable, inefficient and error-prone. It is also not economically and technically feasible to maintain these records on paper.

The system provides excellent security of data at every level of user-system interaction and also provides robust & reliable storage and backup facilities.

Objectives of the system:

The system is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To automate hospital processes ensuring fast information storage and retrieval.

  2. To schedule and manage medical appointments.

  3. To manage Pharmacy Inventory.

System specifications

    • Manage hospital system

    • Add/Delete and set the maximum number of users in the system.

    • Send message to group of users on login.

  • Track patient demographics
    • Primary information (name, date of birth, sex, identification)

    • Marital status

    • Contact information of patient and patient’s employer

    • Primary provider

    • Insurance coverage

    • Deceased Tracking

    • Fully Customizable

    • Immunization

    • Patient discharge

  • Multiple facilities support
  • Compact and flexible appointment calendar
  • Calendar features:
    • Find open appointment slots
    • Categories for appointment types
    • Colors associated with appointment types
    • Repeating appointments
    • Restricting appointments based on type
  • Visit description
  • New Visit
  • Visit History
  • Medical History- allergies, medical conditions
  • Vitals- Weight, height, Respiration, blood pressure, Temperature, Pulse Rate, System automatically calculates BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Search Patient
  • View patient medical and visit history
  • Patient referral
  • Prescription
  • Procedure Order
  • Inventory Details
  • Search for available drugs
  • Drug dispensation
  • Billing and receipting
  • Print function
  • Patient test details
  • Medical results
  • Visits
  • Medical Issues
  • Pharmacy
  • Immunizations
  • Labs
  • Procedures
  • Patient Reports
  • Referrals
  • Accounts Receivable Interface
  • Payment method
  • Appointments
  • Patient Lists
  • Prescriptions and Drug Dispensing
  • Referrals
  • Immunizations
  • Pending Procedure Orders
  • Billing reports
  • Insurance coverage reports
  • Contact details
  • Assign appointment
  • Assign patient to ward room / beds
  • Check beds availability
  • Maintain patient discharge information
  • Track patients information when shifted from one ward to another ward
  • Maintain wards rooms information and status
  • Maintains complete information with surgeon’s name, anesthetic name, nurses
  • Assign Operation Theatre to a Surgeon with patients name, ID and medical history
  • Check Operation Theatre availability with time slot
  • Check operation list by surgeon name / patient name / anaesthetic name / department
  • Schedule Operation Theatre for any given date or time
  • Schedule Operation Theatre for any given date or time
  • Maintains complete information of the surgery / including date, time, hours or operating, operation name, blood group and type given, how much fluid given, swabs count, notes, blood report, complications information, anaesthetic & surgeons name.
  • Register new donor

  • Record blood type

  • Record blood test information(haemostatic, haemophilia, hepatitis …)

  • Blood transfers

  • Expired/to be disposed blood

  • Inpatient ward movement report

  • Outpatient report

  • Billing report

  • Patient visits, medical report

  • Blood bank report